Who We Are

For ten years, Infinitydoors.net has been providing General Contractors and Millwork Companies with Italian-designed, affordable minimalist pre-hung door assemblies, Before Infinitydoors.net, discriminating buyers had to rely on overpriced European imports such as Lualdi, Rimadesio, Garofoli, Dayoris now you can just buy the pre-hung doors from us and save 50% over European imports.

Italinan born American made

At Infinitydoors.net, we design in Italy and manufacture in the USA some of the most innovative minimalist aluminum doorjambs solutions in the industry. Find over 64 different sizes designed to perfectly fit standard American rough openings. Crafted from the highest quality extruded aluminum, and manufactured with precision and detail and made to outperform wood jambs, our frameless jambs come with Italian 3-D concealed hinges and with the latest technology strikes: magnetic, standard "T" or ASA. Keep in mind if you purchased a similar doorjamb system from a European importer, the door and the jamb system would cost at least 50% more,and will take 10 weeks to arrive. Also we happily make our frameless jambs to fit custom size doors, something European manufacturers typically don’t do, and if they do the cost would be prohibitive.

The affordable solution

for the discerning Designer, Architect, Millworker and General Contractors.

Our pre-hung door assemblies are the answer to every high-end Minimalist Job. Ifyou thought minimalist pre-hung doors were beyond your reach, think again.

Product Features

aluminum Jambs

Made for every standard
American rough openings

Italian 3-D adjustable
concealed hinges (NOT SOSS)

Select from a variety of
Strike options: Magnetic, Lip, ASA

Available in two standard colors
Aluminum/Silver or White. Many more specials on request.

How it Work

Place your order on line and it will be fulfilled within 4- 5 weeks. Orders are shipped via UPS or common carrier.

Superior Quality & Craftsmanship

Whether you're building, updating, or remodeling, our pre-hung doors offer the perfect installation and smooth operation of both residential and commercial frameless flush interior doors. Flush with the wall and hidden by plaster, or wood paneling, our pre-hung frameless interior door are designed to be invisible. Our frameless aluminum jambs are shipped with state-of-the-art 3 axis 5 fulcrums - 3-D concealed adjustable hinges preferred by the top of the line door manufacturers. Recognized for their solid construction, our frameless aluminum door jambs are available in all opening possibilities: Inswing Push Left (IPL) Inswing Push Right (IPR) Outswing Pull Right (OPR) Outswing Pull Left (OPL) Our pre-hung doors are designed for standard American rough openings; please note that the width of your slab will be typically 3-inches smaller than your rough opening. Special sizes are welcome If you do not find the size we happily make our pre-hung doors to fit your custom rough opening, something European manufacturers typically don’t do, and if they do the cost would be prohibitive.

Crafted with perfection in the USA