How To Order

We make the complete pre-hung door. You just install it.

For ten years, has been providing Designers, Architects ,General Contractors and Millwork Companies with Italian-inspired, affordable design-oriented Minimalist Aluminum Door Jambs, Before discriminating buyers had to rely on overpriced European imports such as Lualdi, Rimadesio, Garofoli, now you can just buy the complete pre-hung door assembly saving 50% over European imports.

How To Order Your Frameless pre-hung door: Ordering your aluminum frameless pre-hung door from is very simple. 5 simple steps is all it takes:
  • Step 1 –Select the width and the height of your rough opening (RO), of the door you will be installing. Our jambs are designed for standard American rough openings; please note that the width of your slab will be 3-inches smaller than your rough opening. Special sizes are welcome
  • Step 2 – Select the handing of your door – outswing, or inswing, right or left.(See Chart)
  • Step 3 – Select the type of strike: magnetic, standard or ASA
  • Step 4- Select the color of the Jamb: Mill ( Raw), Silver Aluminum or White
  • Step 5- Place order and follow our installation instructions and you are done.