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Flush Swing Doors

It's clear from your description that infinitydoors is a prominent player in the contemporary door design industry, with a focus on specialized swing doors. They offer a range of innovative and aesthetically pleasing options that cater to modern design trends. Here's a summary of the key points from your description:

Specialized Swing Doors: infinitydoors specializes in contemporary swing door designs, and they offer several unique options.

Filo Muro: This design seamlessly integrates with the wall surface, emphasizing modern aesthetics.

Telaio Model: The Telaio model combines modern aesthetics with the functionality of traditional doors.

Dimensions: infinitydoors' swing door profiles can be as tall as 12 feet and as wide as 4 feet, catering to various architectural needs.

Italian Hardware: The brand uses Italian-origin hardware, including concealed hinge systems and magnetic mortises, ensuring both refined appearance and smooth operation.

Versatile Finish Options: infinitydoors' swing doors can be customized with different finishes, including European Lacquer, Laminates, Wood Veneers, or they can be delivered primed for on-site customization.

Robust Construction: These doors are known for their robust construction, making them suitable for larger openings.

Narrow Stile and Rail Design: The narrow stile and rail design of infinitydoors' swing doors align seamlessly with their Folding and Multi Slide systems, contributing to a sense of balance and symmetry in complete door configurations.

Overall, infinitydoors appears to offer a comprehensive range of contemporary swing door solutions that cater to the specialized needs of modern design while emphasizing both aesthetics and functionality. Their attention to detail and versatile customization options make them a notable player in the industry.